Participant profiles

Meet the young writers who are participating in our workshops, mentorship programme and anthology!

  • Esther Mirembe

    Esther Mirembe is an editor at Writivism. She publishes her book reviews at Subtle Royalty.

  • Shelah Owino

    Shelah Owino is 19 years old and writes poetry as a way of coping with emotional turmoil. She has recently begun writing short fiction.

  • Jacob Katumusiime

    Jacob Katumusiime is passionate about contemporary African literature and its interaction with tradition. He writes short stories, most of which mirror the African family, and has been published in several online anthologies.

  • Godiva Akullo

    Godiva Akullo is a feminist lawyer, lecturer and activist with a Masters in Law from Harvard Law School. Her feminist ideals are reflected in the thoughts she shares on social media about the position of womyn in society and other social and political issues. She tweets @amgodiva and is a regular contributor to

  • Edna Ninsiima

    Edna Ninsiima is a Ugandan writer with a particular interest in social justice in relation to gender as a social construct, as well as travel writing. She blogs at and writes regular features for the Daily Monitor.

  • Kakinda Maria Birungi

    Kakinda Maria Birungi is a writer and reader who consumes all-things-literature in the online space. She was shortlisted for the Babishai Niwe Poetry Award 2016 and in 2014 participated in Writing Our World’s ‘Young Writers for Peace’ project.

  • Patricia Twasiima

    Patricia Twasiima is a feminist, lawyer, writer and blogger who wants to use her writing to articulate complex identities, advocate for change and mend broken hearts.  She contributes to

  • Semakula Emmanuel

    Semakula Emmanuel began his writing journey studying how poems and rap lyrics are constructed. At university, he was on the editorial board of the campus magazine. He is currently reading and writing short fiction and non-fiction with African characters, themes and story lines.

  • Brian Oduti

    Brian Oduti studied law at Makerere University, Kampala. He has written for Daily Monitor, took the fiction class at the 2015 Kahini Kampala Writers’ Conference and has been part of Writing our World’s monthly writing workshops.

  • Marjorie Nassolo 

    Marjorie Nassolo is a budding writer and poet based in Bweyogerere, Kampala. Her passion is reading by night and writing by day, in order to express herself in a noisy world.

  • Ian Kiyingi Muddu

    Ian Kiyingi Muddu is a chronic fantasist suffering from writing poems, short stories and plays. He holds a Diploma in Education from Kyambogo University and a BA in Drama and Film from Makerere University. Some of his writing has been published under a pseudonym.

  • Fred Sunday Mugisha

    Fred Sunday Mugisha is a 23-year-old resident of Pece Vanguard, Gulu. He is an upcoming freelance writer who enjoys reading and writing poems and songs.

  • Okello Isaac

    Okello Isaac is a poet and fiction writer born in 1995 in Northern Uganda. He started writing actively while pursuing Literature in English at A level, becoming an active member of the Writers’ Club.

  • Kal Ojera Alex

    Kal Ojera Alex is sociologist, entrepreneur and a talented aspiring writer born in Gulu District in 1992. His writing is inspired by studying society and people, and he is at work on a new piece exploring social interactions between societal and family members. 

  • Gladys Oroma

    Gladys Oroma is a practicing journalist based in Gulu District in Northern Uganda with a Diploma in Journalism and Media Management from Uganda Management Institute. She also writes radio dramas and makes documentaries and films.

  • Akello Charlotte

    Akello Charlotte is a Ugandan poet and writer based in Lira, Uganda. She grew up in a home where reading was encouraged and started building up stories at an early age.

  • Auma Dilish Priscilia

    Auma Dilish Priscilia is a 19-year old resident of Gulu Town. She is currently in Senior Six studying Arts at Pope John Paul II College.

  • Aber Racheal Aboda

    Aber Racheal Aboda is a 17-year-old living in Layibi Corner, Gulu district. She is currently in Senior Six studying Arts at Pope John Paul II College. She has written for Ocerian Magazine and submitted her writing to a range of school and international competitions.

  • Abalo Irene Otto

    Abalo Irene Otto is a journalist and writer based in Gulu Town. She has been writing poetry and plays since school, where she won a trophy from Our Lady of Good Counsel Gayaza for best poet and playwright on three consecutive occasions.   

  • Odur Dixon

    Odur Dixon is a writer and editor, with seven years experience of working in the field of communications. He is currently a Programme Officer for Research, Advocacy and Documentation at Justice and Peace Commission – Gulu Archdiocese where he produces regular newsletters.

  • George Ocen

    George Ocen has been achieving recognition for his writing from an early age. He was first runner up in the East African Students Essay Competition in 2009 and winner of the inaugural Makerere Law Society Legal Writing Contest in 2015. He currently contributes to Makerere Law Journal and has featured at Kelele Poetry – Makerere University’s regular poetry night.

  • John Okot

    John Okot is a 26-year-old, Gulu-based freelance journalist who began his writing career during his high school days. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature. Currently, Okot writes for the for the Observer news paper and The African Exponent.